Educational Trips

We designed unique educational trips for teachers and students to Thailand, China, Malaysia and Germany.

We worked with academic experts to design well thought itineraries where participants not only enhance their academic knowledge through observations, experiments and activities, but also sightsee and explore the arts, geography, history, culture and tradition of that country.

For schools who requests for educational trips to be subject-focused (e.g. geared towards Maths or Science learning), our trips will usually have the following unique features:

  • accompanied by a subject expert as the educational facilitator,
  • includes a specially designed learning journal complementing the trip to enhance subject learning
  • arranged to visit educational sites and institutions strong in that subject and
  • engaged in experiments and hands-on activities to enhance learning throughout the journey.

Educational Trips for Students:

These trips are customised to schools’ needs and usually accompanied by an Education Facilitator who can point out educational concepts observed throughout the journey. Specially designed learning booklet will also be given that encompasses information, ideas, experiments and worksheets. It is also possible for us to arrange exchanges and visits to local schools should school requires.

Idea Generation Trips for Teachers:

These trips are designed to help teachers “recharge” and generate new ideas for teaching. . Teachers will be led through interesting spots where new perspectives of out-of-classroom activities will be shared. The trip will also incorporate school visits which allow teachers to experience and observe totally different learning environments.