Creative Maths Quick Thinkers Programme – Secondary


Our pro-curriculum Creative Maths Programme for Secondary level aims to challenge students to think beyond what they learn in school.  By applying maths concepts to actual problems and real life situations, we enable students to see the relevance of learning the subject.  We uses “fun” maths in the form of magic, puzzles and other hands-on activities to develop and strengthen students’ creative problem solving skills.  Approaches we use are well-received by many local teachers who found it extremely useful in developing their students’ interest in Maths and challenging the minds of fast Maths Learners.

In 1 1/2 hour lesson each week, students will be guided through numerous specially designed recreational problems based on sound mathematical concepts.  In solving these problems, they actively participate in deciphering the hidden principles underlying each problem and in the process, construct their own knowledge in Mathematics.

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