Dr Janchai’s Fun Science Theatre

Learning Science is fun and meaningful. To help your students appreciate how Science and technology impact our daily lives and environment, you need to constantly show them the connection of science education to the things around us. Our Science theatre aims to provide this link and help students to appreciate the learning of science.  The session also aims to develop the attitudes necessary for scientific inquiry by showing them how science concepts have been employed in the making of commonly found things.

Schools can choose from the following interesting topics that can be customised to different academic levels.

  • Exploring Science Around Us
  • Discovering Energy Around Us
  • Fun with Air and Pressure
  • Fun Exploration of Forces
  • Electricity and Magnets

Dr Janchai’s Fun Science Theatre will be 1 ½ hours for Primary Schools and 2 hours for Secondary Schools. All science theatres will involve students with reasonable hands-on activities so schools do not need to worry that students will only be sitting down watching a show. All students will also get an interesting and customised activity booklet and a fun pack of materials!