Fun Maths Lessons with Cards & Puzzles (Primary/Secondary)

This is arranged as in-house workshop for teachers. This hands-on and mind triggering workshop focuses on the use of cards in maths lessons. Teachers are taught interesting maths magic that uses cards to develop mathematical thinking, cultivate students’ passion in the learning of maths, and facilitate the learning of topics such as simple algebra, number sense, number bond, ascending and descending numbers, arithmetic, pattern recognitio and problem solving.

This workshop also discuss the powerful concept of Mega Creativity by Dr Andrei Aleinikov, Torrance’s Criteria for the measurement of creativity, and how to develop creativty through multiple intelligences.

Each participating teacher will get a set of M-wizy cards for use in his/her lessons.

About the Workshop Speaker
MDM TEOH POH YEW is a dynamic and creative mathematics educator, international trainer and author. With her unique expertise, she weaves a web of magic so that mathematics emerges as the ideal subject to stimulate creativity, enhance thinking skills, and sharpen problem solving abilities. She has conducted numerous sessions on creativity, mathematics and early education for teachers, lecturers, parents and students in Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Bulgaria, China and many other countries. She has three publications and appears regularly on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. She has also created the licensed enrichment programme “Creative Maths”!