Fun Learning Ideas

Be creative! Have fun exploring Maths and Science with the following great activities and ideas!

We will share a fun activity/ idea in Maths and Science every month so teachers can gather new ideas for teaching, parents can have fun with their children and students can engage in fun learning of the subjects.

Idea for Maths or Science

Doing Experiments Outdoors!

It is always fun to let students learn outside the boundary of a classroom or laboratory.  See the video below on how our Creative Science Expert, Dr Janchai Yingprayoon, engage 100 of his students when he is invited to teach in Russia.  He was teaching them the Speed of Sound and decided to bring them out to perform a mass experiment to visualise how fast sound moves.  Though the result of this outdoor experiment is affected by many factors, the general idea is achieved and students’ interest and curiosity will definitely be spurred and the learning will stay with them.  So, try to encourage more outdoor activities to engage active and effective learning!

You can learn more fun teaching ideas from Dr Janchai in his Fun Science workshops for teachers.  Check out our Teachers Programmes for more details!

Amazing Maths Magic

The Power of Mind Reading!  Click the link below and follow the steps to see how we can read your mind…

Maths Magic —  ”Circled Numbers”


Puzzles/ Quiz of the Month

The Farmer’s Sheep

A farmer has 11 sheep that he wants to divide among his sons. He promised his oldest son half the sheep, his middle son a quarter of the sheep, and his youngest son a sixth of the sheep. How can he divide the sheep fairly without killing any?

Please submit your answer to us in the submission form below. First 3 submissions with the correct answer will receive a fun game. Winners will be notified via email. This puzzle/ quiz is open to local residents only.