Fun Science Classroom Anytime, Anywhere!, (for Teachers)

Creative linking of science with things around us promote discovery as well as add meaning to the learning of Science as a subject. In this workshop, Dr Janchai will show you — (1) How to use items around us to make science activities more meaningful, effective & interesting (2) How to cultivate intrinsic motivation for learning science, and (3) How to develop scientific thinking abilities and creativity.

The workshop will cover:
• Heat and Transmission
• Light and Reflection
• Conversion of Energy
• Fun Science with your Body
• Interaction of Forces
All teachers will bring back some fun creations to illustrate teaching of different science concepts covered in this workshop!

About the Workshop Speaker
DR JANCHAI YINGPRAYOON was the first Asian President of the International Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE). He was also Head of Physics Department of the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), Bangkok; and the Chairman of Science Teacher’s Section, Science Society of Thailand. He is a creative and humourous lecturer who makes learning science fun and meaningful. He is particularly interested in teaching sicence with toys and hands-on activities. Dr Janchai is a very well known international speaker in science education. He has been invited to many international conferences as keynote speaker. He has conducted extremely innovative workshops in many countries around the world such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Germany, England, France, Hungary, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Spain, etc.

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