Student Programmes

We design indoor and outdoor programmes that encourage Inquiry-based Learning of Students through this process:

Using fun tools like magic, card tricks, games, puzzles, toys in fun formats like trips, workshops, shows, competition, our programmes enhance students’ interest and ability in learning the subject and also develop their confidence, thinking skills and creativity.

  • Programmes for Student:

    • Creative Maths Quick Thinkers Programme – Secondary

           Our pro-curriculum Creative Maths Programme for Secondary level aims to challenge students to think beyond what they learn in school.  By applying maths concepts to actual problems and real life situations, we enable students to see the relevance of learning the subject.  We uses “fun” maths in the form of magic, puzzles and other hands-on activities to develop and … Continue reading

    • Creative Maths Quick Thinkers Programme – Primary

           This is a Pro-curriculum enrichment for P1-6 students which uses specially designed recreational problems such as Magic, Puzzles, Games, Project, Paper Craft and Card Tricks that are based on sound Mathematical concepts to (1) Strengthen Mathematical Thinking (2) Impart Problem Solving Strategies (3) Develops Creativity and (4) Expose High Ability Students to higher order thinking and wide spectrum of … Continue reading

    • Dr Janchai’s Fun Science Theatre

      Learning Science is fun and meaningful. To help your students appreciate how Science and technology impact our daily lives and environment, you need to constantly show them the connection of science education to the things around us. Our Science theatre aims to provide this link and help students to appreciate the learning of science.  The session also aims to develop … Continue reading

    • Fun Science Exploration Workshops for Students (Primary/ Secondary)

      Let your students have a fun hands-on day exploring Science with activities and creating science toys and gadgets using simple daily or recycled items. The aim of these workshops is to enable students to exercise their scientific inquiry in discovering and experiencing science in their daily lives and the environment in a fun and creative way. Some topics teachers can … Continue reading

    • Creative Maths “Kinder Mathemagician” – Preschool

         Creative Maths Programme “Kinder Mathemagician” for Kindergarten 2 is designed to: sharpen observation skills promote discovery develop mathematical thinking and logical reasoning train diagram visualising skills important for Primary 1 Maths education develop intrinsic motivation in learning Mathematics and more… Our teachers uses Maths Magic, Card tricks, Puzzles, Games, Paper Craft, Stories and more to teach Maths, nurture creativity … Continue reading

    • Young Maths Magician

      This enrichment is for Primary 1-6 students which will develop students’ mathematical thinking, analytical skills and visualizing skills while magic was taught to them. Students will also gained speed in their mental calculation through the vigorous progress of transforming them into young maths magician. Fast students will be led into higher order thinking by facilitating their modification of the existing … Continue reading

    • Fun with Maths Craft

      This is a short series of hands-on enrichment where students are guided on making maths-related craft like flexigon, pin wheel, moving toy, flipping number card, mobius strips and many more. Through these sessions, students • Discover other aspects of Mathematics such as topology! • Experience Geometry alive! See how geometry (shapes, symmetry, columns, rows, etc) are employed in the craft … Continue reading

    • Strategizing with Maths Games

      This is a short series of sessions focusing on various maths games, which can be in the form of board game, cards-related, movement-based, with chips and many more. The aim is to develop P3-6 students’ strategizing skills, develop their mathematical thinking and their speed in breaking the code of the games. Let your students understands the importance of having strong … Continue reading

    • Explore Maths – For Maths Day

      This is a full day session consisting of a morning of maths magic workshop to expose students to the many aspects of mathematics and to sharpen their thinking, observation skills and creativity, followed by an afternoon of station based trail or competition to test on what they have learnt.

    • Maths Magic Assembly Talks

      Ponder over what to plan for an assembly talk? Consider our Maths Magic assembly talk where students will experience 2-3 maths magic and activities. They will be constantly engaged in thinking and mental calculation in the 30-45mins with us. To be effective for all students, the talk is best to be organized by level. Each student will get an activity … Continue reading