Teacher Programmes

We are passionate in helping teachers learn creative teaching methods. We also share with teachers fun, innovative and practical ways they can use to motivate and develop their students through conferences, seminars, workshops and idea generation trips.

  • Programmes for Teachers:

    • Fun Science Classroom Anytime, Anywhere!, (for Teachers)

      Creative linking of science with things around us promote discovery as well as add meaning to the learning of Science as a subject. In this workshop, Dr Janchai will show you — (1) How to use items around us to make science activities more meaningful, effective & interesting (2) How to cultivate intrinsic motivation for learning science, and (3) How … Continue reading

    • Teaching Physics Creatively (Upper Sec/ JC), (for Teachers)

      In this workshop, Dr Janchai will show teachers how to use various tools to illustrate different Physics theories¬†that are suitable for their students of different academic levels and varying level of abilities. ¬†You will learn how to: Make Physics activities more meaningful, effective and interesting Cultivate intrinsic motivation for learning Physics Develop thinking abilities, problem-solving skills and creativity This workshop … Continue reading

    • Fun Maths Lessons with Puzzles & Cards for Primary

      Mathematical card tricks can serve as an effective means of motivation at almost all levels of instruction. The major purpose of its use in the classroom is to enable children to discover that mathematics is easy and interesting, and thus stimulate interest in their further study of the subject. This 1-day interactive and thought-provoking workshop focuses on a set of … Continue reading

    • Maths Magic on Problem Solving Strategy (Primary)

      This is arranged as in-house workshops for Teachers. These 2 half-day workshops (Part A & B) aim to help you impart the application of problem solving strategies easily and clearly to students. Heuristics such as hands-on puzzles, card tricks and magic will be employed in the process thus making learning fun and effective. Each problem solving strategy will be illustrated … Continue reading

    • Fun Maths Lessons with Cards & Puzzles (Primary/Secondary)

      This is arranged as in-house workshop for teachers. This hands-on and mind triggering workshop focuses on the use of cards in maths lessons. Teachers are taught interesting maths magic that uses cards to develop mathematical thinking, cultivate students’ passion in the learning of maths, and facilitate the learning of topics such as simple algebra, number sense, number bond, ascending and … Continue reading

    • Inspiring Science Ideas from Home (Higher Pri/ Lower Sec)

      Add that sense of humour by using items that students can see everyday at home to teach interesting science concepts! You will be surprised that you can use home items to teach science concepts like Forces, Energy, Electricity, Electrostatic, Heat, Light, Sound and many more. In this half-day humorous and impactful workshop designed for Upper Primary and Lower Secondary Science … Continue reading

    • ICT Supporting Teaching and Learning: Beyond PowerPoint

      In this one-day workshop, we will look at some of the alternatives for spicing up your presentations and making them more exciting, not only using software but also web 2.0 online applications. The alternatives chosen are mainly free, can be learnt in just a few minutes by teachers with very little experience and make use of the slides you have … Continue reading

    • Developing Problem Solving Strategy via Maths Puzzles and Magic (Pri Sch)

      To effectively and intelligently solve mathematical problems, students should use various thinking skills and heuristics to help them. We have identified 12 problem solving strategies which are commonly used to solve mathematical problems. In these workshops, you will be shown how you can easily impart these strategies to your students using heuristics such as interesting puzzles, card tricks and magic. … Continue reading

    • Fun Teaching Quantum Physics (Sec Sch/ JC/ Polytechnic)

      In this half-day workshop, Dr Janchai will share with you fun ways to bring out and explain Quantum Physics concepts to your students. This workshop comprises of many hands-on activities, group discussions and fun explorations and will cover the following: Fun activities with Spectroscope Using LEDs to measure Planck’s constant h Using a laser pointer to measure size of a … Continue reading