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Math Programmes


Creative Math Quick Thinkers Programme


This is a Pro-curriculum enrichment for P1-6 students which uses specially designed recreational problems such as Magic, Puzzles, Games, Project, Paper Craft and Card Tricks that are based on sound Mathematical concepts to:


1)    Strengthen Mathematical Thinking

2)   Impart Problem Solving Strategies

3)   Develops Creativity

4)   Expose High Ability Students to higher order thinking and wide spectrum of Mathematics.


This can be conducted as short 1 - 2 session, weekly lessons, holiday day-camps or customized workshop-cum-competition for gifted learners. A maths corner with puzzles and activities that complement the enrichment may be set-up in the school to further engage the students after each session.

Spatial Visualisation


Using hands-on activities and interesting manipulatives like paper cuttings, pattern blocks, tangram, pentominoes, geoshapes, treasure map and lots more. Students will be taught how to use spatial visualisation to solve various mathematical problems that goes beyond geometry.


Suitable for P2 to P6 students as activities are age appropriate and closely linked to syllabus. 

Investigative Math

magic math.jpg

Focuses on Math-related Magic. The programme can be customised for Primary 1 to 6 students to develop their mathematical thinking, visualising, reasoning, investigative and analytical skills and strengthen problem solving ability through the process of deciphering the math concept behind each magic.

Students will investigate how each magic works and apply the right mathematical knowledge to decipher it. Faster students will also be led into through challenges or guided modification of the magic

Math Olympiad

math scuba.jpg

Math Olympiad training for Primary 4 to 6 students to maximize their ability, tackle their weakness and impart them techniques to strengthen their problem-solving ability, thus preparing them for local and international competition.


Junior Math Olympiad for Primary 2 to 3 students helps to develop talents by exposing them to a wide spectrum of Math problems and to impart age-appropriate techniques. Hands-on activities and props are provided to help these young learners grasp each concept.



Students will be taught how to use Design Thinking to complete a project, like Math Games design.  They will also be taught how to apply maths and science knowledge in the creation of their prototype or actual structure. 

Maths and Science Challenge


A 1-day station-based activities and questions for whole level of students.

Amazing Maths Race

escape room.jpg

‘Escape room alike’ challenges for whole level of students to test their maths ability, mathematical and logical thinking, and creativity. Students will also experience and understand the importance of teamwork while completing the challenges.

Application Maths

learning by doing.jpg

Students will be given scenario-based real-life problems, situations or tasks where they will have to solve or come out with a workable solution, while applying some of the mathematical concepts that they have learnt.

Financial Literacy

learning finance.jpg

Developing good money habits require good understanding of real-life situations.  Students will learn various aspects of financial literacy including needs and wants, stay healthy and save, proper budgeting and planning for a project, sampling an adult life and investing smartly.

Kinder Mathemagician for Preschoolers


This programme is designed to:

1)   Sharpen observation skills

2)  Promote discovery

3)  Develop mathematical thinking and logical reasoning

4)  Train diagram visualising skills important for Primary 1 Maths education

5)  Develop intrinsic motivation in learning Mathematics

      and more…

Our teachers use Maths Magic, Card tricks, Puzzles, Games, Paper Craft, Stories and more to teach Maths, nurture creativity and develop thinking skills of our young learners to get them gear up for Primary 1 education!

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