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Science Programmes

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Young Science Thinkers

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Using fun activities like experiments and simple toy-making, this syllabus-based programme arouses students’ curiosity and nurture their interest in learning Science. We hone students’ important Science process, inquiry and critical thinking skills required in school and develop their Innovative Thinking by enabling them to see, relate and appreciate that Science is happening around them.

Environmental Science

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These programmes embrace S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education and promote environmental awareness and responsibility.Students will learn about clean and renewable energy and be stretched to design and build a vehicle or invention powered by solar, wind or hydro power.

Science Innovation with S.T.E.A.M

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Embracing S.T.E.A.M education, we design and customise Science or Engineering Innovation Programmes which can be run as ALP, CCA or as Competition Preparation Programme. Students will be imparted a Design thinking or Engineering Thinking process which they can use for “human-centric” Product Design or Problem Solving. There will also be prototype creation which is a key element in such programmes.

Science Olympiad for P3-6

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This programme will expose students to challenging and practical questions similar to Science Olympiad Competitions with the aim of preparing them for it.In every lesson, students will be given questions to challenge their Science critical and analytical thinking, engaged with hands-on experiments and imparted practical question answering techniques.

Dr Janchai Science Theatre

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Specially designed 1.5 to 2 hours activity-packed shows for all ages with several hands-on activities to let students appreciate Science/ Physics and connect what they have learnt with things around them.Customize a session for your students or choose from our interesting topics like:


1)   Exploring Science Around Us

2)  Fun Science with our Body

3)  Discovering Energy Around Us

4)  Fun Exploration of Forces

5)  Fun with Air and Pressure

6)  Electricity and Magnetism


and many more.

Maths and Science Challenge


A 1-day station-based activities and questions for whole level of students.

Science Projects Design & Preparation

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Get students to think like a scientist! This programme helps students to jumpstart their science projects. Students are guided through the Science Method where we help them streamline their ideas, handhold them to create their hypothesis and science experiment, impart the skills to conduct and collect proper test results and finally guiding them through their results’ analysis to create a proper conclusion.

“Science Around Us” for Preschoolers

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“Science around Us” uses fun hands-on activities to bring out interesting science concepts and learning, children will be engaged with making a toy/fun creation (which they can bring home) or doing an experiment while learning about science surrounding that activity. 

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